Four outfits featuring my new hat that I got in Topshop! I’m so attached to it, it makes me feel like a witch.

Top left:

  • Dress - Originally from H&M, but I got it super cheap from the charity shop I’m currently volunteering at!
  • Tights (200 denier) - Primark
  • Shoes - Faith

Top right:

  • Top - used to belong to my dad!
  • Jeans (super high waisted skinny) - Primark
  • Shoes - as before

Bottom left:

  • Kimono - River Island
  • Top - H&M
  • Jeans - as before
  • Shoes (that you can’t really see but they look like this) - Dr Martens

Bottom right:

  • Kimono - as before
  • Cropped vest - Topshop
  • Skirt - Primark
  • Sandals (hidden under the skirt, they look a bit like Birkenstocks) - Primark

Today I got three velvet lip lacquers from MUA’s Luxe collection! These are designed to be applied like a lip gloss and they go on shiny, but they dry completely matte and last all day, much like Lime Crime’s Velvetines.

L-R: Atomic, Serene and Criminal.

Atomic is a coral red which is a dupe for Lime Crime’s Suedeberry, Serene is described as “light blush” and is a very pretty and girly baby pink, and Criminal is a hot pink which is a dupe for Lime Crime’s Pink Velvet.

Atomic and Coral are both from the original collection which consists of three other shades - Kooky (a deep purple), Funk (a dark pink) and Reckless (red, a dupe for Lime Crime’s Red Velvet). Serene is from the new collection which also has three other shades - Aflush (hot rose pink), Tranquility (nude) and Halcyon (fawn).

These lip lacquers are only £3 each and are just as good as Lime Crime Velvetines, and I can’t wait to wear them out!